Mind and Body Summer Cocktail Recipe

A most enlightened summer cocktail that promises zen-like calm, or at least to help melt away the stresses of the day. A spirited blend of fruit, with a hit of As Above, So Below Ritual Vodka and a healthy dose of New Mexico Ferments Apricot & Mint Kombucha. Just the ticket for happy mind and body.

The Importance of Using Locally Distilled Spirits

It can be temptation to go towards the easily accessible, cheap big-name brand when shopping for cocktail spirits. However, the smaller environmental footprint and personal touch come with many more benefits you won’t get from a bottle of Crown Royal. Many local distilleries will source grains and botanicals from nearby farms, reducing transportation emissions and using organic materials. Additionally, the quality of small batches usually outweighs major brands when it comes to taste, texture, and longevity.

Mind and Body Summer Cocktail Recipe

Mind and Body Summer Cocktail Ingredients

Summer Cocktail Preparation Instructions

  1. Combine all ingredients into a Collins glass.
  2. Top with New Mexico Apricot & Mint Kombucha and garnish with large mint sprigs.

Recipe by Andrea Duran / Story by Julia Platt Leonard / Styling by Anna Franklin / Photography by Dave Bryce

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