6 Valentine’s Day Cocktails and Mocktails

Ah, Valentine’s Day. What better moment could there be for opening a bottle of wine to share with the one you love the most? This year, instead of turning to a bottle of wine, spice things up with complex, flavorful cocktail and mocktail creations. Not only are the results delicious, you’ll have some bonding time in the kitchen while you shake up these sensual sips.

Below you’ll find the Valentine’s Day cocktails and mocktails of your most romantic dreams, put together with care by contributor Kaitlin Fellers. With lovely ingredients like strawberries, passionfruit, and red wine, how could you deny yourself a drink… or two… or three?

You might think about pairing these cocktails and mocktails with with our Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipes for the perfect evening in.

More Adventurous

Two champagne flutes hold a yellow-orange colored drink as sparkling wine is poured into the glass on the right to make the More Adventurous Valentine's Day Cocktail.

It’s time to pop open the bubbly with your loved one. This year, be a little More Adventurous with our tasty concoction made from the sweet and sour flavors of passionfruit and an extra burst of lemon. This drink is sure to get the romance flowing from the pop of the cork, and onward.

Melt Your Heart

Two cat shaped mugs sit with a Melt Your Heart Valentine's Day cocktail in each and topped with ginger.

Get ready to cuddle and cozy up to your beloved with our Melt Your Heart Valentine’s Day Cocktail. You’ll fall in love with this hot, sippable surprise combo of white chocolate and tart cherry. It’s sort of like hot chocolate but much better because there’s tequila involved!

Two Slow Dancers

Two small cocktail classes hold a valentine's day cocktail in a red color with a foam on top and edible flowers as a garnish.

Our intimate take on a Whiskey Sour called Two Slow Dancers starts with a base of robust and spicy bourbon or rye before a rush of fruity relief and creamy texture follows. Watch the way the red wine sways and dances around the glass as it floats on top.

The Archer

Two coupe glasses hold slightly red The Archer Valentine's Day Cocktail with an edible purple flower on top.

This well-balanced Valentine’s Day Cocktail represents the happy couples around the world who balance each other out. There’s an even-Steven give and take expressed in flavors of lemon and strawberry alongside a smooth base of vodka and dry vermouth.

Francis Forever Mocktail

Two glasses filled with a Francis Forever Valentine's Day Mocktail with a spoon of herbs nearby and a piece of passionfruit in front of the glasses.

Those abstaining from alcohol can still delight in a special beverage to toast with their beloved on Valentine’s Day. Our Francis Forever Mocktail uses your favorite green tea, delicious, homemade passionfruit syrup, and a squeeze of lemon to help accentuate the flavors.

Chateau Lobby #4 Mocktail

Two glasses sit on slabs of marble with deep red liquid at the bottom and topped with a red edible flower to represent the Chateau Lobby #4 Valentine's Day mocktail.

Mocktails don’t have to taste like a boring glass of soda or flavorless seltzer. Our Chateau Lobby #4 Valentine’s Day Mocktail takes a little extra work to make the homemade vanilla honey syrup. We promise, however, that every step is worth the sweet taste at the end.

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