French Café and Crêperie, Mille, Will Have You Asking for More

A Thousand Ways to Say “Oui”

Marcel, who hails from Corsica, and is the owner of relatively new — and now must-go — French café and crêperie, Mille, in Santa Fe, was originally a scientist. He made his way to New Mexico to work at Los Alamos National Labs but found himself often yearning to return to his family roots of baking and cooking. His grandparents owned and ran the original Mille in the small Mediterranean village he grew up in. So when the opportunity presented itself to open a café — first in Los Alamos and then in Santa Fe — he jumped at the chance. And he has achieved what he set out to do: create a simple and accessible French food experience with a diversity of offerings for all to enjoy.

After indulging in a savory crêpe or a salad niçoise, you might be too full for dessert. But don’t let that stop you from taking a slice of this amazing almond and pear cake (Tarte Bourdaloue) with you home for later. There had been high demand for a gluten-free dessert at Mille, but this sumptuous treat won’t disappoint the most gluten-ravenous among us. Marcel brings his scientific mind to bear on this task and uses only a handful of ingredients in the perfect balance and exact baking conditions to create something classic.

Our friends over at Tonic recommended pairing this with some sherry. And they were not wrong. The soft, round nutty and fruity flavors from the sherry further enhance those same flavors in the cake. This is a perfect way to end a New Mexican autumnal day in French style.

Story by Alex Hanna / Photography by Tira Howard

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