Artist Susan Burks Documents Ripeness at the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market

Over a series of months, designer, curator, and artist Susan Burks, documented the beauty, richness, and ripeness of the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market. Her pieces––which she calls “black-box scans”––set fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flowers against a black backdrop, “… so you’re just drawn deeply into these amazing colors and shapes and stories,” she says. “I found with a regular photo, you aren’t necessarily drawn in as close. And in these cases, you can see the veins, you can see the capillary structure, and the root structure, and the delicate shadings in ways that you normally can’t.”  

Her work invites us to pause and wonder at the joy of summer in all its ephemeral beauty. We invite you to join her on the journey. Plus, cook up some delicious recipes featuring her hand-picks. 


A variety of green vegetables like cabbage and peas from the Santa Fe Farmer's Market on a black background, styled by Susan Burks.

Pea pods, gently pried open to reveal a string of green, luminescent pearls … the closed bud of a squash blossom, delicate and plucked early on a cool dewy morning … herbs that jostle and sing, waiting to lift a dish to the sublime. Everything feels possible in May, perhaps because it is.  

Recipes to Make for May

Maximize Peak Asparagus Season with These Seven Recipes

Asparagus season is a blink-and-you-miss-it moment. So no blinking. And because we think you should eat asparagus at every available opportunity, we have not one, but seven killer recipes for our favorite perennial vegetable.

Vegetarian Ramen Bowls with Swiss Chard

Nights still get nippy so a bowl of vegetarian ramen complete with spring-fresh chard is just  the ticket. Follow the recipe or change it up based on what you find at the farmers’ market this week. 

Roasted Radishes and Farro with Mint-Lime Vinaigrette

Think radishes and you probably think raw. I mean, who doesn’t love a crisp breakfast radish with some butter and a generous sprinkling of sea salt? But you’re missing a trick if you’ve never braised or roasted them – the heat mellows the bite. Not convinced? Try our roasted radish recipe. 

Roasted Radishes with Garlic Scape Butter

Another cooked radish recipe, now that you’re a convert. Garlic scapes are the thin, brilliantly green stalks that emerge from a garlic bulb. Imagine if a chive went on a date with a thin scallion. Combined with radishes, it’s the perfect springtime taste treat. 

Spring Pea Salad

Peas are like pearls – rare and treasured. No wonder folks arrive at the farmers’ market when it opens, in hopes they’ll nab some peas before they’re all gone. Peas – just picked – are a treasure and this Spring pea salad is the perfect way to enjoy them.


Turnips, mushrooms, flowers, and a large leaf with purple veins sits on a black background.

Deep-veined chard, in an almost iridescent pink. Daikon radish, smaller than a thumb and in a soft mauve color. Chives showing off their blossoms and asking for you to eat them. Blousy peonies inviting you to bend closer to inhale their aroma, knowing their beauty can’t last.  

Recipes to Make for June

Cherry Blueberry Pie

When fresh cherries and berries arrive, it’s a true reason to celebrate. They’re nothing like the anemic varieties you find off-season. So when you find them, nab them. If you’re looking for inspiration, this pie will win you friends. 

Roasted Garlic with Cheesy Bread

Fresh garlic demands center stage and this recipe delivers. It’s hard to go wrong when you pair garlic with cheese and crusty bread. Add a bowl of soup and you’re sorted. 

Strawberry Salad and Rhubarb Balsamic Vinaigrette

There are classic pairings in cooking – ones that just work. Strawberries and rhubarb are one such combination. Often baked as a dessert, we’ve instead paired them in a salad that has the perfect marriage of sweet and tart. 

Beet Carpaccio with Citrus Vinaigrette

Beets have their detractors but we’ll hear none of it. We’re all for slow roasting them to bring out their sweetness but thinly sliced – we’re talking wafer thin – they keep their crunch. Paired with a punchy citrus vinaigrette and you’ll soon be a beet cheerleader.

Braised Pork Belly

Braised pork belly is unctuous, demanding a crusty baguette to mop up all the juices. To balance the jammy richness of the meat, add some peas and radishes. They’re delicate but hold their own and add crispness and color to lift this dish to the heavens.


Pears, apples, strawberries, grapes, and a peach sit amongst greenery on a black background styled by Susan Burks.

Sun-ripened plums so juicy they leave a trail on chin and cheek … grapes shaped like perfect orbs of musky sweetness … strawberries that need nothing more than a shady tree and a quiet moment … borage, both edible and ornamental, with its dusky blue, star-shaped flowers … the promise of monsoon rains to cool the spirit and the earth.  

Recipes to Make for July

One Pan Spicy Cinnamon Chicken and Carrots 

One pan recipes bring a smile to our lips and joy to our hearts. This one does everything a one pan meal should do – it’s quick, easy, and clean up is minor. The spiciness of the harissa is the perfect complement to the sweetness of the carrots. We promise this dish will be your new best friend. 

Zucchini Crepe Cake 

Just when you think you’ve done everything you can with zucchini, comes our zucchini crepe cake recipe. It’s genius with a zucchini ‘jam’ layered in between feathery crepes. Topped with lardons and cheese, it’s sure to become a family favorite. No need to tell the kids it contains vegetables. 

Wilted Lettuce Salad

Funny how when we think salad we think fresh and crispy. But what if you add a kiss of heat to lettuce? Spoiler alert: the results are spectacular. This recipe by Cheryl Alters Jamison is a keeper.

Green Beans with Shallots and Almonds

Simple and simply delicious – that’s our verdict on this green bean recipe with shallots and almonds. Fresh green beans – just picked please – are the star with back-up vocals from sauteed shallots and crunchy almonds. Perfect for a mid-week dinner or double or triple the recipe for a weekend barbecue. 

Dill Pickle and Crispy Smashed Potato Salad

Everyone has an opinion on potato salad, whether you favor a creamy version or one that’s more on the vinegar side. We’d like to cast a vote for this one which combines crispy potatoes with the sour notes of dill pickles. We think it combines the best of both worlds. 


Colorful vegetables like tomatoes, purple cabbage, squash, broccoli, and corn from the Santa Fe Farmer's Market sit on a black background.

Tomatoes striped like a tiger and tasting of the sun … corn so fresh it needs only a whisper of heat … round zucchini that nestle comfortably in the palm of a hand … a riot of fruit and vegetables all begging for our attention. August promises summer will last forever and is all the more precious because it won’t. Get the most from the harvest season.  

Recipes to Make for August

Ten Fresh Tomato Recipes to Make During Peak Tomato Season

When tomatoes are in season, it’s truly time to celebrate. Picked when perfectly ripe and sun-kissed they are a thing of beauty. Slice them, sprinkle them with salt and pepper or stick them between two slices of bread with a slather of mayonnaise. If you need more inspiration, we’ve put together ten of our top tomato recipes. Enjoy!

Elotes Asados with Roasted Garlic Butter

Corn is a quintessential summertime food. We love it roasted. We love it even more when it’s dressed up with a roasted garlic butter. Warning: wear a bib or an old t-shirt because this could get messy, but we promise you won’t care.

Chile Rellenos

If you live in New Mexico then you’re used to the sight: folks driving down the road with their car windows down so they can inhale the aroma of roasted chile. In Summer we go chile mad and with good reason. A favorite chile dish of ours is chiles rellenos. Here’s the perfect recipe thanks to Cheryl Alters Jamison.

Zucchini Soup

Ah, the joy and anguish of zucchini. If you grow it, you know that it can go from cute and adorable to giant and club-sized in what feels like minutes. If you’ve got a glut, then might we suggest making zucchini soup and while you’re at it, double the recipe and freeze the extra. You’ll thank us in November. 

Beans and Greens

There is something fundamental and soul-satisfying about a bowl of beans. And now is the time to enjoy fresh beans, just picked. We’ve paired them with greens for a comforting and satisfying side dish or one that is perfectly happy to serve as your main meal. 

Story by Julia Platt Leonard / Art by Susan Burks

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